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  • Is an inefficient air conditioner in your home costing you big bucks in high energy bills?
  • Has a broken furnace in your office building made it difficult for you and your employees to stay comfortable during the workday?

Regardless of the problems you’re experiencing with your HVAC systems, Forgenie HVAC Services can help. We're here to help you keep the indoor environment of your home or commercial space comfortable all year long by providing you with expert HVAC services. Whether you need air conditioning installation or thermostat replacement, residents of New York & New Jersey count on us to provide superior customer service and impeccable results!

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Air Conditioning Repair

Whether your heating or air conditioning system seems a little sluggish, completely broken, or something in between, the experienced technicians at Forgenie HVAC are trained and certified to identify and fix any problem.

Furnace Repair

Furnace repair experts at Forgenie HVAC are only a call away when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and warm with adequate heat. Should your furnace stop working or if you have heating problems at home, our experts will be right there to help with heater furnace troubleshooting no matter what time of day. Don’t let a broken furnace leave you in the cold.

Thermostat Replacement

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable all year round, the right thermostat will make the difference. It is commonly known that you can use your home’s thermostat to set the temperature of your heating and cooling system. But did you know that installing the right HVAC thermostat can save you money each year?

Generator Repair

Having a generator in a state where temperamental weather is common is almost a necessity. A generator provides backup when the main power goes out so you’re not left stranded in the dark. But when your generator goes dark, then you’re left with no options. Don’t let your generator get the best of you. Give Forgenie HVAC a call for quick, quality generator repair.

Air Conditioning Installation

Forgenie HVAC provides complete installation expertise and the finest equipment for every situation. Whether you’re building a new home, adding an addition, finishing off a basement or replacing an older system, we’ll work with you throughout the process to determine which of our high-quality, energy-efficient systems best fits your budget and lifestyle.

Furnace Replacement

Your home’s furnace is responsible for keeping your family warm all winter long. When you need a furnace installation or replacement, make sure you contact a company that you can trust to keep your family comfortable.

Forgenie HVAC provides professional furnace installation and replacement services. If you need a furnace replacement, we are here to help guide you through the process of choosing the best new system for your home and budget.

Oil To Gas Conversions

Forgenie HVAC provides all of your heating service requirements, including natural gas. Natural gas is an efficient, clean-burning fuel that will save you money. Heating a home with oil is the most expensive way to heat a home, this is why more homes throughout the country are converting to gas heat.

Generator Installation

At Forgenie HVAC, we’re well-versed on all types of generators, and we’re highly knowledgeable when it comes to advising on generator loads. One of the most important aspects of installing a generator is figuring out the load you’ll want your generator to carry. A generator that supplies a higher number of watts will power more appliances and items in your home whenever you lose power. Lst us do your installation.

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